Every other Sunday since 1938…

…pilots and aviation enthusiasts have met for breakfast at an airport somewhere in South Carolina and a few surrounding states – missing only events during World War II when aircraft fuel was not available.  Pilots are a resourceful bunch and figured out how to fly by running their airplanes on car gas. The Breakfast Club resumed meetings two years later and continues to this day.

Our next  meeting is November 1 at
Orangeburg (KOGB) Unicom 122.7
SCBC Officer elections will be held. 
EDT also ends that day, so be sure to set your clocks back!

UPDATE – October 11, 2020
Due to ongoing concerns related to the Coronavirus,
and in accordance with recommendations by the CDC,
the following updates are made to the SCBC schedule:

October 18 – Sumter (KSMS) – Cancelled

The 2020 schedule continues to be subject to change
as SCBC hosts make go/no go decisions and
additional information is published by the CDC.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and
follow social distancing protocols!

Check out the 2020 Schedule!


(Aircraft on our banner is a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog owned by Rick and Kathy Hegenberger based at KJZI.)

How It Works

There are no dues and no meeting requirements.
Attend once and you are a member for life.
The only rule is to fly safe.

Breakfast is around $6 – $10 per plate, is ready about 9am, and there is always plenty.

Fly in or drive to the airport, belly up and talk aircraft, aviation, or anything else,
to your heart’s content.

Pilot or non-pilot, everyone is welcome!

2019 Schedule



Wondering where we will be next?
Check out our 2020 Schedule!

Who to contact for General Information and Scheduling:

SECRETARY: Wendy Griffin (803)446-0214

DISTRICT I (Western SC): Scott Crosby (scott.crosby@charter.net)
DISTRICT II (Middle SC): Stoney Truett (stoneytruett54@gmail.com)
DISTRICT III (Eastern SC): Susan Cafoncelli (scafoncelli@yahoo.com)


We always want to keep our members informed about…

  • Events of interest to the flying community;
  • Information about the great things general aviation pilots do – such as Angel Flights, Pilots ‘n Paws, Wounded Warrior and other activities;
  • News about airplanes people are building, where they are, and how they are doing.
  • Last – but certainly not least – we want to keep up with our older pilots health and well being.

Keep us in the loop by contacting us: