FAASTeam Seminars at Triple Tree September Fly-in

The Triple Tree Annual Fly-In is this week, starting Monday the 20th through next Sunday the 26th.  The weather forecast from Wednesday on looks good, so hundreds of people should be heading there.

One or two of the seminars at the Fly-In will be presented by FAASTeam members.

The FAA has a new policy that FAASTeam events cannot be officially advertised, if an admission fee is charged. 

While the seminars are open at no cost to anyone attending the Fly-In, Triple Tree does charge an entry fee for attendees to the Fly-In. 

That fact means that the FAASTeam cannot advertise their own seminars.  But we can. 

Please advertise the FAASTeam seminars to be held at the Triple Tree Fly-In for them.

FAASTeam seminars usually attract a lot of pilots; please help to make sure those pilots know about the FAASTeam seminars.

See the most up-to-date list of events at

Note that some really-good seminars will be held Friday afternoon and at 8:00pm Friday evening, as well as all day on Saturday. 

ATC-Pilot Forum at Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) — July 17, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

All pilots are invited to a Pilot – ATC forum to be held at 9:30am on Saturday, July 17th, in the Greenville Jet hangar on the East Ramp at GMU.  For those arriving by car, the address is 100 Aviation Lane, Greenville, South Carolina.  If flying in, use taxiway Foxtrot due to maintenance.

Controllers from GSP Tower and Approach, GMU Tower, and GYH Tower have all agreed to be present.  We will begin with introductions and let them briefly explain their roles and their interactions in such a complicated airspace.  A general question-and-answer period will follow.

The success of the air traffic system and its ongoing availability and use by General Aviation relies on maintaining a good pilot-ATC rapport, particularly as new GA pilots and new Controllers become part of the system.  For the air traffic system to be a success, both pilots and ATC have to build and maintain the rapport on which that success depends.

This meeting’s purpose is to improve each others’ understanding of their interests with regard to flights and how pilots and ATC can best work together to everyone’s benefit.  The goal is for both sides to come out of this meeting with a greater preference to be in communication with each other vs. preferring to avoid communication.

FAASTeam is working to set up Wings credit for those attending.

NEW! Video Archive Section

A Video Archive Section has been added to the site! The first of what we hope to be several videos from “back in the day” has been posted. The video was found among several household items left in the estate of Gerald Ballard and is of the SCBC held in Cheraw back in August, 1987. Just click on ‘Video Archive’ at the top menu.

FAASTeam Talk at Pickens on June 24th

Scott Crosby, our District I representative has been contacted by David Augspurger from Pickens,  and reports that…

“The FAA is going to give a FAASTeam talk after the breakfast while the SCBC is at Pickens on June 24th.

They will have an air-conditioned room reserved at the FBO.   The talk will last about 45 minutes, so it will still let anyone who attends depart at a reasonable time.

If everyone will pass the word around, to let folks know, that would be great.

From what I am told the FAA guy is really enthusiastic about giving his talk, so it should be interesting.”

Thanks, Scott, for passing the word!