Spartanburg SCBC Cancelled due to Airport Maintenance

Spartanburg (KSPA) has reported that they cannot host the SCBC on August 5 due to runway re-paving.  Those of us who enjoy landing on turf really don’t want to land on THAT kind of turf, so we will defer visiting Spartanburg for another day.

Good news is that August 5 is now an open date and, as such, can be claimed by any of you Airport Managers who have been waiting to host the SCBC.

If you want to claim the August 5 spot, please call our Secretary, Wendy Griffin, at 803-446-0214 to set it up.

Armistice Celebration in Bishopville November 11

The SCBC is scheduled for Bishopville on November 11 – the 100th Anniversary of the WWI Armistice. The Cotton Museum, our usual venue, will also be hosting several special activities on that day to celebrate the Armistice – including exhibition of South Carolina’s restored Merci Train car. The Cotton Museum is inviting the SCBC to stay after breakfast to participate in their Armistice celebrations. They have not yet posted anything on the Museum website about the specifics, but here is a link to an article about the Merci Train for those who are interested…